CLOCKSS: Access Policy

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CLOCKSS: Access Policy

Access Policy

As specified in the CLOCKSS: Publisher Agreement, the CLOCKSS Archive is dark. External access to content in the CLOCKSS Archive is not permitted unless and until a trigger event occurs. The technical measures taken to enforce this are detailed in CLOCKSS: Box Operations and CLOCKSS: Threats and Mitigations.

Trigger Events

As specified in the CLOCKSS: Publisher Agreement, only the CLOCKSS Board can declare a trigger event. Doing so requires a vote of 75% or more of the Board members, with no more than two (2) dissenting votes. The criterion in short is that the content must be no longer available on the Web from any provider, including aggregators. The reasons for the lack of access could be the failure of a publisher, the withdrawal of select content by the publisher, or a catastrophic failure of the content provider’s platform.

The technical procedures the CLOCKSS Archive follows once a trigger event has been declared are documented in CLOCKSS: Extracting Triggered Content.

Relevant Documents

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