CLOCKSS: Collection Development

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CLOCKSS: Collection Development

The CLOCKSS Archive is a dark archive deployed to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of the greater global research community.

Scope of Materials

  • All academic content in the form of electronic journals, ebooks, databases, datasets, figures, audio files, video files, and all other web-publishing formats.
  • Web-published materials in any and all languages.

Permitted Formats

  • Web harvested files of all types
  • Bulk delivered files for Web-published materials of all types received by file transfer

Preservation Methods

  • Replication in a world-wide network.
  • Continual audit to detect, and repair of, any loss or damage.
  • Access only upon trigger event.
  • Triggered content under Creative Commons license.
  • Format migration if necessary and when triggered only.

Relevant Documents

  1. CLOCKSS: Mission Statement
  2. CLOCKSS: Preservation Strategy
  3. Confidential: CLOCKSS Collection Development Policy