CLOCKSS: Hardware and Software Inventory

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CLOCKSS: Hardware and Software Inventory


The inventory of physical and virtual machines in use for the CLOCKSS archive is maintained in this spreadsheet. It includes:

  • Ingest machines for harvest and file transfer:
    • A network of (currently 5) presentation ingest physical machines, three located at Stanford, and one each at Rice and Indiana. These machines are generic PC servers with sufficient disk, cores and RAM.
    • One source ingest physical machine located at Stanford. This machine is a generic PC server with sufficient disk, cores and RAM.
  • Production CLOCKSS boxes:
    • A network of (currently 12) CLOCKSS boxes at sites around the world. These physical machines are large generic PC servers capable of holding 24 or 36 3.5" disks.
  • Ancilliary machines including:
    • A property server and a mirror of it in Amazon's cloud.
    • Triggered content servers at EDINA and Stanford
    • Machines used for content testing and plugin development
    • The CLOCKSS web site server

The CLOCKSS Network Administrator is responsible for maintaining this inventory.


All software used by the CLOCKSS archive for ingest, preservation and dissemination is free and open source. It is maintained current with the relevant repositories. The critical components for preservation are:

  • CentOS 6.X and 7.X, or the equivalent Fedora versions.
  • OpenJDK
  • A set of Java libraries; copies of the versions in use are checked in to the CVS repository
  • Apache Ant, which manages the build of the LOCKSS software

The inventory of these critical components is maintained in the build.xml file (e.g. version 1.347 line 209 et seq.), which defines the build process for Ant. As part every build the presence of the appropriate JDK and Java libraries is verified.

The LOCKSS Technical Lead is responsible for maintaining this inventory.

As described in LOCKSS: Software Development Process, developers are free to use the tools of their choice while developing code provided the result passes the build, unit and functional test processes. Thus an inventory of the software used during development is not maintained.

Change Process

Changes to this document require:

  • Review by:
    • Hardware: CLOCKSS Network Administrator
    • Software: CLOCKSS Technical Lead
  • Approval by CLOCKSS Technical Lead