4.6.1 Comply with Access Policies

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4.6.1 - The repository shall comply with Access Policies.

The CLOCKSS archive is a dark archive. As described in CLOCKSS: Access Policy, access to the content on the CLOCKSS boxes is not permitted. As described in CLOCKSS: Box Operations, CLOCKSS boxes are configured to prevent access to their content in three ways:

  • By firewall rules on the host institution's network.
  • By firewall rules on the CLOCKSS box itself.
  • By disabling the content access mechanisms in the LOCKSS daemon.

Content triggered from the CLOCKSS archive by the process described in CLOCKSS: Extracting Triggered Content is re-published under Creative Commons Licenses and is freely available to all, wherever they may access it from.

Relevant Documents

  1. CLOCKSS: Box Operations
  2. CLOCKSS: Extracting Triggered Content
  3. CLOCKSS: Access Policy