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Welcome to the documentation Wiki of the CLOCKSS Archive.

CLOCKSS Archive Documents

These documents describe the organization, policies, practices and plans of the CLOCKSS Archive:

LOCKSS Program Documents

These documents describe the LOCKSS technology:

LOCKSS Adaptations to CLOCKSS Archive Documents

These documents describe how the LOCKSS technology is used by the CLOCKSS Archive:

OAIS Conformance Documents

These documents describe the mapping between the CLOCKSS Archive and the OAIS Reference Architecture:


During the preparation for the TRAC audit of the CLOCKSS Archive, it was decided to make as much documentation of the CLOCKSS Archive public as possible. This wiki is the result. The contents have been collected from a variety of sources, including:

  • Published papers
  • CLOCKSS board minutes and other Board documents
  • The LOCKSS team's internal wiki
  • The LOCKSS team's ticketing and bug tracking systems

Many of these sources were not intended to be made public, and contained confidential or inappropriate material. The contents of this wiki were extracted from them and reviewed for publication as part of the audit preparations. These pages document:

  • The structure, policies and practices of the CLOCKSS Archive.
  • The conformance of the CLOCKSS Archive to the OAIS Reference Model
  • The policies, practices and technology of the LOCKSS Program, which operates the CLOCKSS Archive under contract to the CLOCKSS Board.
  • The adaptations made to the generic LOCKSS technology for the purposes of the CLOCKSS Archive.

As structures, policies, practices and technologies change, these documents will be maintained so that up-to-date information on these topics is available to the public.

In particular, some documents were edited after their initial submission but before release of the certification report by the auditors to clarify issues that arose during the audit process and to include some material from the confidential part of the submission that was judged non-confidential. Viewing the history an individual page will reveal any such changes.

ISO 16363 Criteria

For the purposes of the audit, the wiki also contains a page for each of the ISO 16363 criteria. The audit was actually conducted using the closely-related but shortly to be obsolete TRAC criteria; these pages use the ISO criteria in the interest of future-proofing. The goal for these pages was that they be a finding aid for the auditors, allowing them to easily locate the relevant parts of the documents for each criterion, but that all actual content be in the documents. Thus interested readers can use the documents without needing to refer to the criteria pages:

Confidential Documents

The auditors requested additional information, some of which was confidential:

  • Requested information that was not confidential was added to the documents in this Wiki. For example, URL lists and metadata for sample AUs were added to Definition of AIP.
  • Requested information that was confidential was supplied in a separate Wiki which was deactivated at the end of the audit.

CLOCKSS Permission Statement

CLOCKSS system has permission to ingest, preserve, and serve this Archival Unit.